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36M5-6-Follows-Ford Motor Company v. Trejo-Note3Dialog Cards
37M5-6-Follows-Shinedling v. Sunbeam Products-Note5-2Dialog Cards
38M6-1-Follows-Kemezy v. Peters-Note5-1Multiple Choice
39M6-1-Follows-Kemezy v. Peters-Note5-2Multiple Choice
40M6-3-Follows-Anne Arundel County v. Reeves-Note3Dialog Cards
41M7-1-Follows-Federal Credit, Inc. v. Greg Fuller-Note3-1Multiple Choice
42M7-1-Follows-Federal Credit, Inc. v. Greg Fuller-Note3-2Multiple Choice
43M7-3-Follows-Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, Inc. v. Craigslist-Note3-1Multiple Choice
44M7-3-Follows-Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, Inc. v. Craigslist-Note3-2Multiple Choice
45M7-3-Follows-Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, Inc. v. Craigslist-Note3-3Multiple Choice
46M4-1-Follows-Scroggs v. Coast Community College Dist.-Note3Multiple Choice
47M4-1-Follows-Haugh v. Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp.-Note3Multiple Choice
48M4-1-Follows-Rodriguez v City of New York-Note3-1Multiple Choice
49M4-1-Follows-Rodriguez v City of New York-Note3-2Multiple Choice
50M4-1-Follows-Rodriguez v City of New York-Note3-3Multiple Choice
51M4-2-Follows-Duvall v. County of Kitsap-Note6Multiple Choice
52M4-2-Follows-George v. U.S.-Note4-1Multiple Choice
53M4-2-Follows-George v. U.S.-Note4-2Multiple Choice
54M4-2-Follows-Riss v. City of New York-Note4Multiple Choice
55M3-Intro-Before-Negligence:DutyDialog Cards
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